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By Solvesoul, Monday 31 December 2012 1:06, 112 views

Snapshot is a puzzle-adventure game. You play as the lonesome robot Pic and the only tool you have to advance every stage is a camera. This isn't any ordinary camera, this camera has the ability to take objects from the world, temporarily save them and replace them wherever Pic wants them to be. There are various object to photograph from simple boxes to get to a higher platform to springs that let you bounce really high. You'll always need to think tactical about which objects you'll take a photo from because your camera can only store 3 photos at a time.

Credit goes to originality for Snapshot. It's an unique concept that takes puzzle games to the next level. The game has some replay value because of collectible items and time goals. The collectible items are objects hidden within a level that you have to take a picture of. The time goals are time limits in which you have to complete the level. Each level also contains collectible stars and you get a bonus medal if you collect them all within one stage.

+ Innovative
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Replay value

- You can die quickly ruining the whole level
- Sometimes you're forced to restart a level

Overall score: 6.5/10

Developers: Retro Affect
Publishers: Retro Affect
• Microsoft Windows
• Mac
• PlayStation Vita
Release date: 30 august 2012
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure

Snapshot on Steam

By SolveSoul

Score 6.7
Pros + Innovative
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Replay value
Cons - You can die quickly ruining the whole level
- Sometimes you're forced to restart a level
Developer(s) Retro Affect
Publisher(s) Retro Affect
Release date 30 august 2012
Genres Puzzle
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